Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will be assigned your role by the MES organizers. Since every role will have to be well prepared in advance, we ask you not to request changing your role during simulation.

But you will be able to inform us of the roles that you would most be interested in, and we will do our best to take that into consideration.

After you have applied we will confirm your participation as soon as possible. With the confirmation we will also tell you which country you will represent and whether you will be a delegate or a head of delegation. Journalists will get assigned to one of the newspapers.

Good preparation is the key to a successful performance in the simulation. This is why you should try to get familiar with the conflict and your country's position on the different conflict aspects. Please also make sure to research the Arab Peace Initiative, which is the starting point of our simulation. One month prior to the simulation, we will send you a guide with the rules of procedure and the Participants’ Manual. This manual, though, should only be the starting point of your research.

Remember: The better prepared you are, the more fun the simulation will be for everyone involved!

To facilitate your preparation, we have included some very useful links here. However, these links are just a start, you still will have to do research on your own!

Yes. We will try to simulate the real world of diplomacy as authentically as possible. Therefore you will also have the opportunity to dress the way a real politician would do. Of course we also accept and warmly welcome the traditional dress codes of the represented countries.

You should be able to speak English fluently enough to run a debate or to give a speech.

Interest in the EU, the Middle East conflict and politics in general would be helpful, but don’t worry, you will receive particular information briefing you for your role. Other than this, no previous experience is required.

Palestinian students need a Visa to enter the EU. Please make sure to apply for the Visa as soon as possible, especially if you are from Palestine!

If you have any questions concerning the Visa please don´t hesitate to contact us.

For detailed travel information please click here.

If you have any further questions please don´t hesitate to contact us.

The first round of application will be open by the 2nd of March. If you need a Visa, please make sure to apply until the 23rd. You will receive a confirmation of you participation by the 4th of April. This ensures you to have ten weeks to apply for your Visa.

You will either apply as a journalist or a delegate. If you apply as a delegate, you can optionally express your wish to be a head of delegation. Journalists will indicate their newspaper preference, delegates their country preferences. We will of course take your preferences into consideration when assigning you a country.

We will accept 10 students from Israel, 10 from Palestine and 20 international students. In your application we will ask you to write a short text on a topic which is related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We will also give you the opportunity to give us some additional information about yourself and your motivation to take part in the simulation.

For detailed travel information please click here

If you have any further questions please don´t hesitate to contact us.

You will be hosted in the Apartment Hotel in Konstanz (check out their website) with three other participants in one room.

We will make sure that female and male participants are separate, it is very likely that you will share your room with somebody from another country, so make sure to brush up on your English conversational skills beforehand!

The rooms are all equipped with a bathroom, shower, a small kitchen, a TV.

To see pictures of the rooms check the website of the Apartment Hotel.

Breakfast will be provided at the hotel every morning.

Generally yes. The MES 2009 is a special occasion, giving you the opportunity to meet and socialize with people from all over the world. No one should miss the chance and fun of being integrated in this socializing process, therefore all participants will get to stay at the Apartment Hotel.

In case you live in Konstanz and absolutely do not want to stay in the hotel, we offer reduced participation fees.

Sure there will be!

We will have an opening ceremony, a gala dinner night, a party, a closing ceremony and some other events. There also will be an event open to the public.

There is a participation fee of 100 Euro.

This fee includes everything you need to spend during the three days of the Simulation. It covers accommodation, food, drinks (both alcoholic and non alcoholic), traveling costs within Konstanz and the materials you need during the sessions.

The fee of 100 Euro covers all you need during the simulation. Nevertheless, if you feel that your financial situation does not allow you to pay this fee, please contact us as we have a limited amount of scholarships available for students in difficult financial situations.

You can also ask your own University for support with the travelling costs. We are currently in contact with Israeli and Palestinian Universities to achieve funding for students participating in the MES.