An event such as MES 2009 would not be possible without financial supporters. We kindly thank all financial supporters for their kind support:

  • Robert Bosch Stiftung (Robert Bosch Foundation) - main sponsor of MES 2009
  • FAZIT Stiftung (FAZIT Foundation)
  • Private donation from Margarete Hofmann, European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) Unit D.3 Inter-institutional & External Relations
  • Tel Aviv University Student Union


The following institutions, companies and persons have supported MES 2009 as well.

  • Department of Politics and Management
  • Gleichstellungsrat der Uni Konstanz (equal opportunities office)
  • IT-Department, Uni Konstanz
  • Apartment-Hotels Konstanz
  • seezeit - Studentenwerk Bodensee
  • Volker Beck, M.A. (hosting and administration


Tony Blair

Tony Blair, British prime minister from 1997 to 2007, is the official Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East on behalf of the United Nations, the European Union, the United States and Russia.

Moty Cristal

Moty Cristal was born in Israel in 1967, studied Law at Bar-Ilan University in Israel and has a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

Between 1994-2001 he served in various official capacities in the Israeli negotiation teams with Jordan and the Palestinians within the Ministry of Defense and Prime Minister’s office and since 1998 he is a leading team member in the IDF Crisis Negotiation.
Cristal teaches and trains negotiation and crisis management to senior managers in the private and public sectors and consults in strategic and complex negotiation, negotiation support and crisis management in Israel, Europe, US, and Asia. He also teaches international negotiation at Tel Aviv University and crisis negotiation at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzelya.

Bernd Asbach

Heinrich Böll Foundation
Department Head Middle East

Prof. Dr. Dr. Kay Hailbronner

Prof. Kay Hailbronner holds the chair of Public Law, International Law and European Law at the University of Konstanz since 1979. He studied in Tübingen, Heidelberg and Montreal. Since 1994 he is the head of the European research centre on rights of asylum.

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kempf

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kempf holds the chair of Methods of Empirical Studies and Peace Resarch at the department of Psychology at the University of Konstanz. Prof. Kempf did a lot of research of the role of the media and journalism in conflicts.

Prof. Dr. Volker Schneider

Prof. Schneider is the Head of the Department of Political and Administrative Sciences at the University of Konstanz. He studied political and social sciences, business administration and economics in Mainz, Berlin, Paris and Florence. Since 2007 he is Professor in Political Science, Chair Empirical Theory of the State at the University of Konstanz. Volker Schneiders research interest is focused on Theory of the State, Organizational Studies, Evolution of Political Institutions and Network Analysis.

Prof. Dr. Gerald Schneider

Prof. Schneider holds the chair of International Relations at the department of Politics and Administration at the University of Konstanz. He studied Political Science, Economics and History at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. His main research interests are Political Integration, Peace and Conflict, Negotiation and Mediation, Comparative Institutional Analysis, Political Reform and Political Decision-Making.

Prof. Dr. Katharina Holzinger

Prof. Holzinger holds the Chair of International Relations and Conflict Management at the University of Konstanz since 2007. She studied Political Science, German Literature and Philosophy of Science at the University of Munich, Germany. In 1993, she did her PhD in Political Science at the University of Augsburg. The main research interest of Prof. Holzinger lies in the theory of political decision-making and conflict resolution.